With the innercity child Buy-a-Book program... Every book you buy will go directly to an innercity school or organization in need.

You will receive a Juice & Berries postcard with the designated school benefiting from your contribution. Thank you for your continued support.
Senior Housing Solutions AZ provides a simple and
effective way to help you downsize. We understand
how difficult it may be to eliminate clutter, organize
essentials, preserve precious memories and even
prepare to leave the home you've lived in for so many
years. Rest assured, we are here to make the journey
easier by providing:

*Organizational Services
*Estate Services
*Donation Services
*Declutter Consultations
*Packing & Move Out Assistance
*Unpacking & Decorating Assistance
*Setup & Errand Assistance
*Furniture Packages (Easy Turnkey Move-in)
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"I knew that my mother needed someone to help her see what I felt
she couldn't see because of the emotional attachment. Although my
wife and I earnestly wanted to help, it was difficult for our family to
devote our time to the entire project.

Once we asked for help, we all felt better and could think more
clearly and now mom has more time to enjoy every moment of her
We're happy to discuss any need that you have.
We're here for you; tell us how we can help you:
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